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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 6, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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but there is a twist. and it may be a bit dirty. wait until you hear all that. that late-breaking development is coming up. and senator lindsey graham is striking out at the president, calling him a flip-flopper. what is provoking that? senator graham will tell you himself. and the president says he wants the jobs bill passed and passed now. mitch mcconnell said, fine, let's vote. so why is harry reid, bringing the jobs bill up for a vote? is something going on? mitch mcconnell goes on the record. but first, the protests, they're getting bigger and louder. now it's spreading way beyond wall street. >> bank of america...: >> down, down, with the -- [inaudible]
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>> from new york to los angeles and even to our nation's capitol, protesters are taking their frustrations with corporate america to the streets of more than 100 cities. police have arrested more than 800 people and today, president obama acknowledged the growing up on wall street movement. charles is here. charles, your thoughts on the protests? what are they upset about? >> reporter: well, it's hard to know because, you know, greta, when you listen to these folks. i have done some reporting and writing on t. you listen to them, it's a barely coherent message. they say they don't like wall street. they don't articulate why. they don't say what the solution is. if you listen to them, how do we get out of this? there is no solution. this is a major venting of anger from kids, many of them, they're not the poor, downtrodden
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masses. they are skipping classes at school. this is odd that the president would say, this is some sort of a political movement like the tea party generally have a coherent message. there is no coherent message here. >> first of all, i love the first amendment. i am a big fan. i am always proud to see protests, no matter what the issue because look how they handle them in sirria. we don't do it that way. secondly, i am hearing a message. whether some people want to hear it, one of them is it's like the message of governor sarah palin on corporate cronyism and there are lobbyists all over capitol scmil they are for sale. the banks have been punishing to the american people. they won't refnts loans so people can bail out their under-water houses. i hear a message. people may not see it coherent. but people are angry. >> it's an old story. it's a story that i have been
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writing my entire career. that's how you know it's old, spanning years that, wall street is filled with bad guys. now we have a bunch of people, walking down wall street and other cities saying wall street is a bunch of bad guys. i would say this: these protests, whether you listen to them, their solutions are kind of nihilistic. let's get rid of wall street and government and start a revolution -- >> that's what the tea party wanted. >> no, no, no, no -- i'm not -- i am not a tea party defender. but i will tell thu-- >> they wanted. >> they wanted to work within the republican party. >> no. they say they are not in the republican party. they are -- >> they are working within government. that's what they say -- >> but -- >> they have members of congress right now. >> at the time, they were very upset with the tax system, when it was launched on april 15, first time the tea party took to the streets. they were sick and tired of what they saw as the punitive effect
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of i big government, mothering them. this group's disenchanted with the government, whether it's regulatorring the banks, it's a season of discontent, whether it's the tea party two years ago or now. >> i don't take this seriously because i don't hear a coherent message, other than, let's screw the banks and raise taxes. when i hear the tea party -- like i said, i am a simple country reporter. i am not a big tea party fan. they're complain about this stuff that i say about them, but dihear a coherent message about end tax, end crony capitalism. it was coherent. it made its way to the mainstream. that's why there are tea party members of congress in the republican party. maybe it will go to the democratic party, next. but i don't see this group putting people in congress because they don't have a coherent message. and a lot of them are calling for a revolution. some of these people are espousing socialist -- forget left wing -- these are
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communists. >> charles, here's the problem. you can't eye start with the fundamental part about the first amendment and people's right to speak out, whether you like the message or not. as long as it's peaceful. >> who cares. and this isn't that peaceful. >> but -- i am -- you know, in all of my years, i used to represent demonstrators. i never sort of thought they had solutions. they were usually upset with something. >> well, listen, i don't mind a demonstration. most people like demitrations. these -- some of these demonstrations are going over the line. how many people get arrested at tea party events? there have been a lot of arrests here. to translate that into a movement, to give it credibility, as the president has, based on the fact that there is no coherency, based on the fact that a lot of these folks are avowed marxists, i have a problem with that. >> i have a problem when it gets
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violent. that's a different thing. charles, thank you. we will be watching this because -- >> it's a great story. >> yeah. indeed. now to the battle over jobs. it is really heating up. just hours ago, president obooma getting combative about republicans and g.o.p. lawmakers are not being shy because they are fighting back. mitch mcconnell calling the president's jobs bill a jobs killer. now, we spoke with senator mcconnell earlier tonight. nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you. >> earlier this week, you wanted a vote on the president's jobs bill. what happened? >> well, first of all, let me say, it is not a jobs bill in our view, it's another stimulus bill. one of my favorite old rural kentucky sayings is, no education is the second kick of a mule. the president's recommending we do what we did in 200 fwhien, almost in that case, almost a trillion-dollar stimulus bill,
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after which we lost 1.7 million jobs and we had 9.7% unemployment. he wants the tame same tact here, including a tax increase, which was modified to raise taxes on 311 employers, representing 311,000 employees in this country. four out of five of the people who plac more than $1 million a year are businesses that employ over 300,000 people. we don't think raising taxes on small business in the middle of a recession is a jobs bill. it may be a good political statement. he may be trying to play class warfare for the campaign. but it is not about creating jobs. >> so when you asked to have the bill -- as i understand it, you wanted a vote on the bill i. i did. >> and senate majority leader harry reid did not. which is an odd twist -- >> well, it is. the president has said on 12
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occasions, he wanted a vote on his bill without any changes, exactly as he wanted it. now, i offered that opportunity the other day. and the majority leader of the democratic party, same party as the president, denied that opportunity. the reason he did, greta, is because there is bipartisan opposition. they have modified it since the first of the week. but i project there will still be bipartisan opposition to it. >> what did senator reid say -- you would think, if it's the president's bill and the same party that, he would want it voted on. obviously, he doesn't have the votes. but what does he say to you about the bill, off the floor -- or isn't he? >> well, i mean, you valid to ask him what his view is. i think he felt an obligation to the president to deal with it at some point. but the president was asking for it to be dealt with now. frankly, i didn't think what the president was asking for was unreasonable. he said give me a vote on my proposal, without any changes,
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now. and i offered that opportunity and it was denied by the majority leader. i think the reason he didn't want to do it was because a lot of his members don't like it. >> where does it stand? >> i don't think tell pass and i don't think it should pass. >> when will it be voted on? >> the modification of it, including the surtax on millionaires, four out of five are small businesses, he will try to proceed next week. i anticipate we will not vote to proceed. >> do you think there is a support on the surtax for millionaires, or is senator harry reid having trouble getting the democrats to support that? >> we will find out. they modified the tax portion to get more democrats on board. there isn't going to be enough to pass the bill. and it shouldn't pass. it is not about creating jobs. this is about playing class warfare and launching the political campaign, not about creating jobs. if we wanted to create jobs, we
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would pass trade agreements which we have gotten him to submit this week. they have been sitting on his desk since the day he was sworn in. they would be things like rolling back excessive regulation. we would quit borrowing, quit over regulating and quit threatening to raise tax fist we wanted to get the private sector economy going. that's what you would do, not these government spending bills and tax. >> he said earlier in his press conference that he has an open door to the republicans and that the republicans and he has expended a lot of political capital within his democratic party, reaching out to the republicans and basically, the republicans just say, no and won't deal with him and meet him halfway. >> well, we have passed an faa bill. we have pass a highway bill. n weil write a trade agreement. hopefully, we do something important on the deficit on the joint committee later this year. we are not going to pass bad
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legislation nord make him feel better. we are certainly not going to pass legislation called a jobs bill that actually is a job killer, simply because he's asking us to. >> you have a shoutout at the press conference. i will read what the president said and if mr. mcconnell chooses to vote against this, meaning the jobs bill, or members of his caucus choose to vote against ti promise you we are going to keep on going and we will put forward piece by piece, each component. and each time, they valid to explain why they would be opposed to putting teachers back in the classroom or rebuildings schools and giving tax cuts to middle-class folks and to small businesses. >> we are happy to explain our opposition to tax increases that kill jobs in the middle of an economy in which we have 9.1% unemployment. we're not embarrassed to say this is not a jobs bill. we may be able to do some
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business on some of the things. let's see what the joint committee came up with. i have listed things we have done on the bipartisan basis over the last few months. but we are not going to, just because he's trying to getitous raise taxes in the middle of a recession, agree that that's a good idea when we know it's going to kill jobs. >> how is dealing with president obam at same or different from dealing with president clinton when he was the democratic president? >> well, president clinton was more interested in moving to the political center and making progress. president obama, at least so far, has pretty much clung to the political left, as he needed to motivate his own very liberal supporters who strikes me are already pretty enthusiastic about him. i would have, had i been in his shoe, moved to the center, done more business with republicans, and tried to make progress on a bipartisan bags basis. instead, he's advocating bills that have no chance of
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republican support. and many of them don't have united democratic support. he is advocating things that are bipartisanly opposed up here. >> is it his conviction, do you have a sense it's his political conviction or is he playing politics? your view of that? >> you know, i'm want his psychoanalyst, but i do think that he is taking a hard left position. and then complaining because he doesn't have bipartisan support. when he takes a hard left position, in fact, it generates bipartisan opposition. there are democrats and republicans that oppose the way in which he is trying to go about this and understand that this is not a job-creating bill. >> he asked what the republicans bill? when he asked for the republicans -- you make the suggestion. >> yeah. two things. number 1, quit doing what we are doing. einstein said the definition of insanity was doing the same
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thing over and over again and expecting a different result. quit borrowing, quit raising taxes and senator mccain and senator ron paul will launch what we think are the kinds of things that ought to be done to get private sector going again. they will not include government borrowing and spending. we have tried that. that does not work. the only way to get economy going is to incentivize the private sector and the john mccain/rand paul bill will be our prescription. >> how do you convince the american people? they are desperate right now? and probably a little confused. a lot of people are grossly disappoint in the stimulus bill. but the democrats will say it saved jobs. it didn't create the jobs they want the. but how do you tell the american people, okay, our ideas -- this will work. >> well, look, we know what
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doesn't work. i think we can rule out spending and borrowing and raising taxes. i don't think anybody's truly believing that's going to get the economy going again. if you look at only time in which government gains revenue is when you have a healthy economy. and the only way you get a healthy economy is with a private sector. right now, the private sector is sitting on between $2 and 2.5 trillion in uninvested cash because of all of this government overreach. they're frozen up. we need to send them a message that we are through spending, through borrowing, through over regulatorring and through threatening to raise taxes. that's the way you incentivize the private sector to get going again, which means they'll grow and create jobs and opportunity and the government will get more revenue as a result of that. >> what if you had that conversation with president obama -- >> look, we have had plenty of conversations. the president is a very, very
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liberal guy. he believes in a western european approach for our country, inn which have you very large government. my colleague rand paul call its a government of busy bodies, trying to tell everybody what to do. their view is that if you are in the private sector and you are making a profit, you must be up to no good. so the government is here to modify your behavior and tell you how to run your business. that kind of meddling, which is going on across the private sector, ch is what has this economy frozen and the reason we haven't come out of the recession. look, the president inheretted a tough situation, but he has made it worse. >> and straight ahead, a resignation in the wake of the solyndra scandal. but is there a back story? who resignd? now something might seem odd. we have the latest. and lindsey graham locks horns with the president, calling him a flip-flopper about china. lindsey graham goes on the
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>> well, new developments in the solyndra scandal. a resignation, jonathan silva stepping down. but things may be getting slightly dirty. silva had a giant target on his back, but is he now the scapegoat? rick cline is here. who is this man who resigned? >> the person who headed up the program that solyndra fell under, butso solyndra is $500 million, that happened before his tenure. but he was in charge of the program, which i think is a $38 billionism he doesn't okay it? >> he didn't. but he defended it and there were attempts to renegotiate it and he was a champion of it. and more importantly from, a political perspective, he was the guy on the firing line when this came under scrutiny. he was the guy hauled to capital hill to defend this. >> that sounds like a scapegoat. if he wasn't there and it wasn't hish idea, he's the front mon man and the secretary of energy stays in his job. this guy stays in their job
10:22 pm
tseems lousy. >> it was his choice to go to the private sector. his job was disappearing because the program isn't being funded by congress. but the republicans have been called for a scalp and they got it today. >> how does this company survive this? this is a horribl blunder by the government. you know, we really don't need more bad judgment. a couple of interesting points where the president was asked a couple of questions about solyndra. he acknowledged, this is the government taking bets and there are going to be good bets and bad bets and he defended the program. first of all, he defends the general program, and he makes the point that the energy department was pushing this i. not his white house, in other words. >> it's his administration. but this is not my white house. >> i didn't do it, right? >> that's right. >> but the thing is, the problem is that -- it was -- it was pushed through very quickly, as far as the facts we know, it
10:23 pm
wasn't just a risky loan, it's the way they did it and it had all the red flags. it is not just like, we take risks in business judgment. there were lots of risks. even larry sumners had red flags. i don't think the president can pawn this off as a risky proposition. >> the resignation won't make the congressional investigation and it is fbi investigations go away. weil see what happens next. if there are other things about bhiert house interference. what is on the record now, folks at the white house were pushing this because it was a storyline that they wanted to fit the president and the vice-president into as a centerpiece of their plans for energy investments and this seemed like a perfect company to fit the bill. >> i think what's disstress is that those who had bad judgment at the white house, they have their jbo jobs. it is not just a bad risk. there were red flags and lots of signs and they are making
10:24 pm
decisions -- maybe not on loans, but other things. >> this program's done. >> thankfully. which is another issue, before it was finished, they just last week, they just quickly rammed through a bunch of other loans because it was the end of the program. >> that's right. you have heard the president defend this. saying this was started by my predecessor and the republican congress i. the program. not the batbad loan. there's a big difference. under my watch, we pushed through the bad loan. >> look, it is fair. we had the government playing venture capitalist, not the ideal situation, that's what the folks are saying, you are going to make bad bets. >> but we do hire people to be competent. that's really the job. when there are blunders and we see this guy's head, he gets served up on a silver platter and the others don't go >> this is an attempt to cauterize the wound. >> that's not going to work. >> if this ended, that's fine. >> according to the chairman of
10:25 pm
the two committees, upton and stearns, this is not going to do it. they issued a press release tonight and said, this is wanted over. >> they are going to keep poking around and see what emermgs from it. >> thank you. >> thanks, gret amount of senator lindsey graham is here, taking on president obama and china. and on the record, you will see it here -- we have william shatteddener, captain kirk and t.j. hooker. and tonight, he goes "on the record." that's a surprise. [ husband ] you ready for this? i just signed the whole family up for unlimited mobile to mobile minutes. you're kidding. no. where's that money coming from, steve? did it even cross your mind to ask your wife before signing us up for something so expensive? my mother was right; i should have married john clarke.
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>> he says president obam should quit beating up on americans and fight back against china. senator lindsey graham says that's the way to save jobs and businesses, calling on the president to support new measures to stop china from manipulating its currency and stealing our jobs. senator, nice to see you, sir. >> glad to be seen. >> a beautiful room in senator strom thurman's room, your predecessor. >> i would recommend drinking the water. he lived to be 100. >> all right. today on the graham blog, this is you eye wish president obama would be as hard on the chinese, who are cheating americans out of jobs, as he is on american businesses. what provoked that? >> well, you know, he gives flip-flopping a bad name. canned obama went all over the
10:30 pm
country saying the chinese manipulate their currency and peg it to the dollar, 40% below its true value, the chinese are cheating americans out of their jobs. i will take the chinese on and make them play by the rules. we have a bill that has 79 votes to move forward and president obama, today or yesterday said, i'm concerned about this legislation. he beats up on american business, fwawx the american wealthiest-- the ink enemy. i wish he would practice what he preached as candidate obama and take the chinese on and say, we want to do business with you, but you won't cheat americans out of jobs. so my message to president obama is live up to what you said on the campaign trail, stand up for the american worker and quit beat on americans trying to create jobs here. fight back against china. so i understand what this bill is and so the viewers do as well, one of the aspects is that
10:31 pm
the chinese -- they devalue their currency so the products are cheap so people want to buy chinese over american prkt products. >> we make wigets and america, and they make wig etds in china. they have low labor costs. they don't have the epa and a complicated tax code. so there are built-in advantages. we can't change everything that's wrong about the world. but here's what we can change, the chinese government intentionally creates a manipulation of the value of their cur ebbsy. by having cheap money, a wiget made in china, sold on the world marketplace has a 30 to 40% discount built into the product because of the way the government values their money. we have a federal reserve. the dollar floats against the euroand changes every day. the chinese currency is 6.3 to a dlrks they export almost everything in the world.
10:32 pm
they keep their money artificially low so they can get a discount in the world marketplace and what does it mean to the american businessman? they will put you out of business. we say let the treasury department make a finding, is the currency misalined? are they manipulating the currency? and if they are, give our department of commerce tools to fight back itch the president doesn't like that the chinese do this -- >> he said on the campaign trail -- that's one of the biggest violations of trade law in the history of the world. >> is he not worried about a trade war? >> yeah, i'm sure. here's -- >> is that a legitimate concern? >> not really. america, if we don't stand up for fair trade, wooer going to get killed. we are having problems creating jobs at home because of obamacare and uncertainty in tax, regulations, produced by our own government. you can't borrow money because of dodd/frank. if you allow an economy as large
10:33 pm
as china -- if this were an island nation, i wouldn't be complaining. 3 years ago, china dumped steel all over the world, steel made in china below cost because the government would subsidize chinese steel interests. >> why would the president be opposed to this? >> we have a relationship with china. they finance our debt. why are we afraid to stand up to any countedry who clearly cheats? the imf, the international monetary fund says that the wan is substantially undervalued. >> why would the president not be in favor of your bill? is he weak on this? >> as candidate -- >> i got that -- as candidate -- >> he was the biggest cheerleader. >> what happened? >> a lot of people do a killing in china and in the united states. they are multi-national
10:34 pm
corporations. they benefit from this behavior in china. they put a lot of pressure on the congress. and we have an unhealthy relationship with china. the one thing i can say is that no one needs to apologize from the american side of the aisle, standing up to any country, including china, when they cheat. the president, to me, is having an unhealthy fear of engaging china. we shouldn't apologize -- >> let me ask you -- >> they should be apologizing to us. >> does it hurt the small business -- >> kills them! >> and the consumer. but the multi-national corporations here in the united states, they benefit from this? so there are people in the united states who are making a killing on this? >> let me be honest with you. the chief exports coming out of china are artificially cheap because the value of their money. it creates a huge discount. if you go to wal-mart, most of everything made in wal-mart comes from china. so they are making monothis?
10:35 pm
>> absolutely. now, if the money went to the true value like the euro verse uses the dollar, we would have a better chance of competing with china. that means wal-mart products would go up some, a few cents. but it also means that the people in america who have a manufacturing job today won't lose it to china. you know, boeing is building airplanes in south carolina. >> i do know that. >> in 2016, china's going to get into the aircraft manufacturing market and build big commercial jets. here's what i fear. what hurt the textile industry, the chinese manipulation of their currency put us out of our business, almost, in the south. steel's hanging by a thread. when china manipulates their currency, you don't have much of a chance. once they start making airplanes and car, that will affect all of america. all i am saying to china, you are a great market for you, we
10:36 pm
slb a great market for you, but have you to quit cheating sthri. any political motive to oppose this? i am trying to understand why the president would oppose it? >> there are people out there who are protecting business interests who make a killing over this. what i am trying to do is press our government to create tools to fight back. everyone agrees china manipulates their currency. there is no argument. >> who is lobbying against it on capitol hill. >> the chamber of commerce. you have people at the club for growth, great people. i agree with them 80% of the time. >> they are opposing it? >> yes. >> who else is lobbying against it? >> the manufacturing community is pretty much with me. but if you manufacture a product in china and you do business in america, this is a pretty good deal for you. the people that i am trying to protect are the manufacturers and the small business people
10:37 pm
who are trying to have a part of the world market. i want us to do business with china. i want us to sell to china things that we make here and i want to compete with china fairly so at the end of the day, president obama has completely flip-flopped. our leadership in the house says this is dangerous, to take this bill up. you know what's dangerous is for america wthis much unemployment on our hands, to allow a country as big as china to drive our businesses into the ground. >> and here's a look at what is coming up after the show on on e "the o'reilly factor." >> we continue to look at protesters around new york city. they are causing a lot of trouble and there is big money behind them. the latest on the fast and furious scandal, coming up. >> that's 11:00 p.m. eastern time. coming up, they say fame is fleeting, but william shatner has defied the odds.
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm mariarne rafferty. parents say their baby was snatched from her crib monday night or tuesday. lisa irwin's parents are no longer talking to police and they claim that their cell phones were stolen, but that has not produced any leads. a nigerian juror was dismissed after being chosen in the trial of the underwear bomber. there was a problem with the juror, according to the judge. the nigerian suspect is accused of trying to bring down a plane
10:43 pm
over detroit with a bomb in his underway on christmas day, 2009. i'm marianne rafferty, back to "on the record." for your latest headlines, go to this is the most powerful name in news, fox niewfnl >> it's captain kirk. the price line negotiator. yes, it's william shatner. those are just two of the roles he's most known for. his acting career spans five decades and he's written a book about the life lessons he has learned. it's called shatner rules, your guide to understanding the shatner verse and the world at large. he has a c.d. coming out next week. >> i have read your new book and if i follow all of these rules, i will become you? >> yes. now, how do i become you? somewhere in that space, we can... meet. >> indeed. so let me ask about your new
10:44 pm
book. why did you write it? >> well... i'm of the age that anything you might do is the last thing you do. i thawrkts i need to write another book, some advantages in my life had taken place. hisomething to say. i -- i had something to say and i had been writing books before. >> what is your relationship -- or what it was like with your star trek colleagues? >> while we were filming, i was fairly oblivious of anything, the picture up there. leopard nemo and forest kelley, another lead, in the background was -- and this guy was a fairly good friend of mine. we had a good working relationship. and with the other people, it seemed to be a good wishing -- good working relationship.
10:45 pm
of late, when they were writing book, they professed to dislikeney me for reasons i do not know. i have long since put it behind mee. but do i refer to it in the book as more tongue and cheek than anything else. >> a young actor listening to this interview, in terms of looking at acting itself, has the career -- has the business changed in let's say the last 30, 40 years? is it a different business? >> well, yes and no. the cameras are different and live television days were warm and fuzz wehot tubes and little fans in them and they glowed and... they offered a puring noise. they were like large animals. now, they're small and they are sort of nasty and they have long lens so they can reach places you never thought you would have photographed. so the cameras -- the technology itself is quite different.
10:46 pm
but you still have to hit your mark, learn your lines, there on time and take a deep breath and say the words. >> in looking at a script, you can tell looking at a script whether it will be a great show, great movie? are you sometimes surprised? >> i don't believe you can tell. you can say, this is going to be... but everybody's taste is different. all you can do is go by your taste. so you read a script and it moves you, touches you, makes you laugh. you think there are possibilities. there is the aspect from an act are's point of view that the character that you are being asked to play -- is it a good character? is it a fun, interesting, many dimensional character? that can have an influence on a decision as well. >> i'm curious, if you hadn't been an act or, plan "b." what it would have been? >> there was no plan "b."
10:47 pm
i was all in from the very beginning. i don't know what i would have done. it never occurred to me that i was going to do something else. so i never did anything else. i never waited tables. i never drove a cab. i just did something -- entertaining whether it was writing or acting or directing or one of the many related things do you in show business. it was always had to do with entertainment. and nothing with anything else. >> did you ever worry what's the next job? will i get a next job? when have you a huge success, do you wonder, i will never get success like that again? >> always. that's the actor's mentality. it's always out of work. the actor's mentality is i'm working now, but what about next? it's inculcated in the actor. you are-- the show's good, thank you very much. ed goodbye. you were great. you were lousy. goodbye. and the next thing is your
10:48 pm
anticipation of what is to come. that's an actor's character. >> william shatner, thank you. lots of good rules. i don't think i'll become william shatner, but i'll remember the rules. >> thank you for talking. >> lwe are celebrating here at fox newschannel. we want to you celebrate with us. it is our 15th anniversary. and tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m., right here, we will bring you fox newschannel, 15 years, fair and balanced. here's a preview. >> if i go to capitol scmil interview orrin hatch, i will run into four senators on my way up there. i get informs from them. i get to meet their staff. we put it on gretawire so the viewers have a much more intimate relationship with our show. so i have the jump on every single other cable news show. they have these by remote satellite. they have to hope the people show up. i can put my hands right on their throats. >> be sure to tune in tomorrow night eastern for fox
10:49 pm
newschannel. 15 years, fair and balanced. straight hade, members of congress happy to see each other. it's true. it's all because of gabrielle giffords. see what she was doing in washington today. and also, it is the biggest thing to hit new jersey since thing to hit new jersey since snooki and the [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national lets you choo any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. now this...will work. [ male announcer ] just like you, business pro. just like you. go national. go like a pro.
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>> you have seen our top stories, but here's the best of the rest. congresswoman, gabrielle giffords is back in washington, d.c. and all eyes are on the adequateo court and jurywoman. but giffords stroz washington today was all about her husband, astronaut mark kelley. she pinned a medal on him during his navy retirement ceremony. congresswoman giffords looked and sounded great. there is a new tourist attraction in new jersey. people are flocking to see -- a pigpig. it is giving new meaning to the term pot belly. his name is john henry and he weighs 700 pounds. the cig pig's original owner had to give him up because he was eating her out of house and home. now he is expected to get even bigger. this story has a good ending.
10:54 pm
a scary rescue caught on camera. rescue crews rush in to help a young bull who got stuck in a storm drain in chile. the bull took a wrong turn and fell into a sewer. he was stuck for days. but when animal lovers realized he was in trouble, they started tweeting, of course. the water company workers were able to pull the bull to safety. and he is just fine tonight. thru have it. the best of the rest. coming up, you never know who is going to walk on stage. a late-night comedian gets a big surprise. stay tune forward this one.
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♪ put a little love in your heart ♪ two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands ojobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy. >> time for last call. another round in the late-night tv wars. conan o'brian paid a visit to what used to be his set. >> what do you -- >> you know, i was back in new york. i decided i wanted to come back,
10:59 pm
check out my old studio. [cheers and applause] >> yeah. >> that's right, you were here for 16 years. >> escape years, yeah. >> then -- what -- what happened? [laughter] >> you're a young guy, don't worry about that. [laughter] >> any-who >> that's your last call. we are closing down shop. thanks for being with us. we will see you next week. tomorrow, 15 years, fair and balanced, tomorrow night. right here. go to gretawire. i know a lotted of you have a lot to say. a already have emails ripping me. good night from ♪


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